"Earth is an insane asylum, to which the other planets deport their lunatics." ~ Voltaire

Just a note before you read this article. Most, if not all, of the material presented here may be difficult for many people to swallow. I encourage you to do your own research. Do not take my word for it. Much INFORMATION is available to anyone who seeks it. Remember - knowledge is power. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, but begin by first learning about what is being done to you, to your family, and friends, right under your nose.

1. Google is developing eavesdropping software -- Google is working on a system that listens to what's on your TV playing in the background, and then serves you relevant advertisements.

Peter Norvig, director of research at Google, says that the idea is to use the existing PC microphone to listen to whatever is heard in the background, be it music, your phone going off or the TV turned down. The PC identifies it, using fingerprinting, and then shows you relevant content, whether that's adverts or search results, or a chat room on the subject.

Google talked about this software in Europe last June, and explained that it breaks sound into a five-second snippets to pick out audio from a TV, reducing the snippet to a digital "fingerprint", which it matches on an internet server.

Given that Google provides the software link between its search software and the microphone, it's a small step to making the same link to any webcams attached to the PC. Pretty soon the security industry is going to find a way to hijack the Google feed and use it for full on espionage.

Google says that its fingerprinting technology makes it impossible for the company (or anyone else) to eavesdrop on other sounds in the room, such as personal conversations, because the conversion to a fingerprint is made on the PC, and a fingerprint can't be reversed, as it's only an identity. Blah, blah, blah.

The Google program converts sound into graphs, weeds out background noise, and reduces the graphs to key features that can then be translated into just four bytes of information, so that the fingerprints for an entire year of television programming would add up to no more than a few gigabytes, the company said.

2. ALL Cordless Phones are *area microphones* - DIGITAL phones that is - not the old rotary kind. The Feds, up to and including local law enforcement agencies, can get routing to any field office or laptop from the telephone companies. ANY digital phone is a microphone - hung up, off the hook, phone removed from the base - doesn't matter. All of the switches inside are no longer analog (with actual circuit breaks caused by a separation of contact points) but digital, which means there is never any separation of contact points.

Cordless phones operate like mini-radio stations. They send radio signals from the base unit to the handset and from the handset back to the base. These signals can travel as far as a mile from the phone's location.

Cordless phones that operate on the higher frequencies (2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, 6.0 GHz) are more secure, especially if they use Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (DSST) or Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT). Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology has the advantage of less interference with other devices because DECT operates exclusively at 1.9 GHz, a frequency that is not utilized by other devices. But don't get a false sense of security that your conversations are totally immune from monitoring. Skilled hobbyists and determined professionals can monitor just about anything. The handsets of mostly all modern digital cordless phones now face up, which affords a much cleaner reception signal for room monitoring. Furthermore, if you can walk around outside with this cordless phone and still get a decent signal for conversations, what do you think the likelihood is that the microphone built into that new phone is extremely powerful and sensitive? Explains why the battery is always very warm. Far more power than one would need for normal home usage.

3. ALL Cellphones come with two types of built-in surveillance/tracking devices: Active Transponder that communicate with the military's semi-commercialized system of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag. These devices will allow both the government as well as the private sector to identify the precise location and track the exact movements of each and every cellphone user, no matter where they go. Even if you power the phone down, it is still pulsing its location twice a minute. In 1992, the president of Motorola stated in a formal congressional deposition that all cellphones have transponders .. "It's part of how they work, as they have to 'ping' the tower for a signal."

Note that in this article Online Is The Best Place To Find Transponder Keys, the author makes it clear about transponder usage - "If you own a cell phone, you already have a transponder. Cell phones are required to have these devices built in. That way, if a call is ever made to 9-1-1 from that phone, its location can be easily traced."

The Israeli Defense Forces have already shown that alleged terrorists - whether they are legitimately using their own cellphones or using others' cellphones illegitimately - can be assassinated from a safe, far-away distance by helicopters, which place calls to the alleged terrorists' private telephone numbers and then fire air-to-ground missiles at the locations provided by the alleged terrorists' very own cellphones, that is, if they are unlucky enough to answer or "pick up." It's only a matter of time before the same system is used by the United States government, which has already used Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to summarily execute suspected "terrorists" in Yemen from a safe, far-away distance.

4. ALL Televisions from the early 1990's to the present are equipped with "2-way" communication capabilities. The Cable TV connection in the wall is a standard "coax" computer networking cable, which provides a way for intrusive snoops with the right equipment to see into your home, even though you are completely unaware that you are being observed.

5. ALL Automobiles built after 1984 are designed with a computer chip which can be **remotely controlled via satellite**. Post-mid-1980's automobiles have electronic ignition systems that can be shut down by electromagnetic pulse equipment (like the Jaycor Auto Arrestor). If desired, individual as well as massive automobile shutdown in a city could easily be accomplished. When you purchase a vehicle, your "VIN" (Vehicle Identification Number) is recorded and connected with your name. The federal government is also setting up other agencies to track every car on the road!

6. Satellites called "low-orbiting" earth satellites (commonly known as the Global Positioning System or GPS) currently being marketed for "navigational" as well as "safety" purposes in newer automobiles, are capable of focusing in on an object as small as the size of a postage stamp on a tennis court. As unbelievable as it may sound, GPS is also being used to track humans.

7. Two powerful intelligence gathering tools that the United States created to eavesdrop on Soviet leaders and track KGB spies are now being used to monitor Americans. One system, known as Echelon, intercepts and analyzes telephone calls, faxes and e-mail sent to and from the United States. The other system, Tempest, can secretly read the displays on personal computers, cash registers, printers, video games, ATM's, etc., from as far away as a half-mile or more!

8. The computer system called the *B.E.A.S.T.S.*, which is located in Brussels, Belgium, records all ATM and debit card transactions within 57 seconds - what you bought, where you bought it, and when you bought it. B.E.A.S.T.S. stands for "Brussels Electronic Accounting Surveillance Terminal Systems". It is a Cray supercomputer. Visit Cray Computer's web site and you will see just how well their company is doing and their *future plans* for expansion. There are even more powerful computers than supercomputers, called Teragrid, the most powerful distributed computing system ever created, capable of carrying out **13.6 trillion** calculations *per second*.

9. Every time you write a check, it is processed electronically through the Federal Reserve System, which passes the information on to the government. The government can reconstruct all of your purchases whenever it wants to and can retrace your steps with very little effort.

10. Cash purchases are untraceable, but transactions of $10,000 or more must be reported to the government. Bank tellers are also instructed to report small cash transactions if they suspect that you are "structuring" smaller amounts into bigger ones.

There is also another somewhat obscure *rule* currently in effect, which makes it illegal for any person to have $10,000 or more in cash on them at any one time. Once again, the *cover* explanation is being touted as a means to **deter drug dealing activities**, but the hard truth behind this is to gradually exert even more control over your disposable and **100% untraceable** income!

You cannot send an international wire transfer for more than $750.00 without it having to be *reported* to the federal government. Bend over and wave your flag, while your rights continue to erode away, right before your eyes!

11. Anything greater than a $5.00 dollar bill, with a date of 1992 or later, has a thin metallic strip running through it. You can see this strip if you hold the bill up to the light. The "technology" is already in place for someone with the correct equipment to drive by your home with a special scanner and be able to know approximately how much money you have in your home. The strip was placed there under a partial truth, as "a way to track drug money," but in reality, it serves a far more sinister purpose, since all of the nations of the world have the same strip in them. (The computers scanning the strips aren't concerned about what country the paper money was issued from, or what picture is on the money. They will still register the same numbers!)

The irony behind all of this nonsense about "discouraging drug dealing" is the **FACT** that THE CIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE SINGLE LARGEST DRUG DEALER IN THE WORLD!

12. Those mysterious black helicopters in the sky are surveillance helicopters, which utilize infra-red scanning to literally "see right through your house". They are managed by the US Army. It is a **United Nations-funded and controlled** black-ops group with bases all over the United States. They have one near Sedona, Arizona, in Connecticut and in Newark, New Jersey. These helicopters have no markings whatsoever and are used for operations involving drug smuggling and *security operations*.

The 1989 **Open Skies Treaty** signed by New World Order conspirator, President George Herbert Walker Bush, member of the Skull and Bones Secret Society and the Trilateral Commission, allows for the *aerial observation of the U.S.* (and your house - if you have been *tagged for observation*, along with your phone being tapped). No Questions Asked! The majority of the recent black chopper sorties have nothing to do with lawful military or police department operations, but are presently locating - and *SETTING UP for seizure* - **people and guns** - who will not take the "mark" of the coming One World Government Order!

13. Polar icecaps throughout the world have been tampered with by Illuminati elitists, which has been the direct cause of tremendous weather 'shifts' worldwide and has contributed to what is now commonly referred to as *Global Warming*. The gullible public is being fed the cover **spin story** about El Nino, El Nina and other such vague drivel.

14. Since the 1960's, lasers have been used to create electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere, in order to CONTROL WEATHER, by pulling weather fronts to desired locations. The HAARP project based primarily out of Gakona, Alaska, jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy, is essentially a bigger part of climate manipulation. This has contributed to extensive flooding and a dramatic increase in droughts not only in this country but throughout the world.

According to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Co., the only way to form artificial clouds in warm dry air is to introduce enough particulates into the atmosphere to attract and accrete all available moisture into visible vapor. **If repeated often enough, the resulting rainless haze can lead to drought**.

15. The US Navy is also heavily involved in covert experimentation with ULF (ultra low frequency) generation, EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation and ELF (extremely low frequency) generation, although they have repeatedly denied this to the public. Those strange hums that you are reading about which sound like a diesel truck engine that is idling are part of these low-frequency *tests*.

16. The US deployed an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon in Desert Storm in 1991, designed to mimic the flash of electricity from a nuclear bomb. The Sandia National Laboratory had built a 23,000 square meter laboratory on the Kirkland Air Force Base, 1989, to house the Hermes II electron beam generator, capable of producing 20 Trillion Watt pulses, lasting 20 billionths to 25 billionths of a second. This X-ray simulator is called a "Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator". A stream of electrons hitting a metal plate can produce a pulsed X-ray, or gamma ray. Hermes II has produced electron beams since 1974.

17. In 1992, it was displayed on the agenda of the Eco-earth summit meeting in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil by wealthy world-government elitists that the current attempts to cut the world population were still insufficient - that "Earth's population must be cut to 2 billion people by the year 2002, at WHATEVER THE COST." They consider 90% of all human beings to be **useless eaters**.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of those "new" diseases that seem to spring up out of nowhere? Like the West Nile Virus, for instance? ("engineered" at the U.S. Army's Biological Warfare labs at Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD as well as at Fort George Meade and first tested in Africa. AIDS and HIV also fall under this category). What about that "much stronger strain" of the common influenza virus, which seems to be impervious to powerful antibiotics?

18. Or those strange-colored contrails or Chemtrails that are spewing forth from the F-16 fighter jets flying overhead to "protect" us? Subversive biochemical attacks on the world populace (including the US) have been and continue to be the truth behind most of the "new" diseases.

19. As soon as the wealthy Illuminati elitists are given the green light, a *worldwide economic crash* (already being planned) will be implemented, in a massive attempt to force a one-world government on the population. This will be relatively easy to carry out, as all of the banks and currencies throughout the world are already completely controlled by these elitists.

20. The Coming Cometary Catastrophe - The Sun's brown dwarf 'dark' companion has disrupted cometary orbits by passing through the Oort Cloud, and has sent a group of destructive comets headed our way. The comets are due to arrive in a time window extending over the next five years.

21. This covert international elite, or the "Consortium", whose suspected existence is referred to by various names in various countries, is rarely well identified. The source of this group's power is possession of perhaps the most highly classified piece of intelligence on Earth: namely, the existence of an artificial, hexagonal planet parked in orbit 1/3 of the distance from the Sun to the Earth. The orbital plane of this alien world/portal is at a slight tilt to the plane of the ecliptic.

Elements of NASA are well aware of the alien base, and go to no end to conceal its existence. The aliens controlling this base are said to have created the human race by genetic manipulation. Whether the aliens did or did not, the covert international elite believes it has made a "deal" with this group of aliens that will enable it to enslave the rest of the human race and control all of Earth's resources. The fascist conspiracies of the covert elite keep succeeding, not because the conspirators are such geniuses, but rather because their plots are being orchestrated and guided by an "invisible alien hand" that remains hidden from public view as they continue to use the human fascist puppets as their task masters.

22. This 'Consortium' (often referred to as the Illuminati) is well aware of an approximate 3,600 year cycle of Earth destruction from a group of comets. The length of this cycle was correctly identified by Zechariah Sitchin as being 3,600 years - but - he mistakenly attributed it to the orbital period of an alleged 12th planet, called 'Nibiru'. However, the body referred to in ancient writings, and whose cycle is well identified, is not a planet, but rather, *a group of comets*. This group of comets was apparently ripped out of the Oort Cloud by the Sun's brown dwarf dark star companion (the two bodies form a binary star system) and sent into an estimated 3,600 year orbit around the Sun.

From afar, the comet grouping appears to be a unified body, but as it enters the space of the inner planets, the comet grouping will be pulled this way and that by gravitational planetary motion, and some of the comets will break apart, so that those that hit the Earth will do so from ALL directions. NASA is helpless to prevent this catastrophe. It is also believed that the group of comets will appear first from the direction of the Magellanic Cloud.

Aliens won't be arriving via a 12th planet. They have already been here on Earth for thousands of years! But they have a particular interest in the current 3,600 year time cycle, because its termination roughly coincides with the end of two other key time cycles. The Reptilians intend to remain in charge of their "human food source", but some upcoming events threaten to break their control over human affairs.

The Consortium has used knowledge of the coming cometary destruction to bribe key members in the government, the military, intelligence agencies, and in science and finance to do their bidding, to work for their goals. The bribe includes a promise of salvation--escape to an underground bunker or being taken off the plant by Alien craft during the period of destruction. Since the Consortium believes the bulk of humanity will be wiped out anyway, they feel quite justified in wiping out large swaths of humanity in advance--by war and by genetically targeted diseases. That way, those who survive the cometary destruction will be from a genetically desired group--the others having been killed off beforehand.

23. Alien affairs have been taken out of the hands of government, and lie in the hands of an international network. In particular, the aforementioned international elite, known as 'the Consortium', as well as by the names of various front groups. Many Consortium-controlled groups, such as 10 Downing Street and the White House, reflect Consortium values, without having Consortium information. This includes useful idiots, such as the 'peak oil' crowd, who reflect the Consortium goal of *population reduction*. The Consortium is currently engineering a war in the Middle East, the goal of which is the destruction of both the Arab states and Israel.

While there are benevolent aliens who have attempted to communicate with world governments, the hostile aliens that are interacting with the Consortium are known as "Reptilians", along with the Reptilians' line of designer robots known as the "Greys", who perform human abductions associated with genetic manipulation. The intention of the Reptilians is anything but benevolent. Their goal is to further enslave humanity and to "improve humanity's availability as a food source" - primarily energetic food (as portrayed by the human batteries in The Matrix), but physical food is not precluded. Cattle mutilations are a low-profile substitute for human mutilation, but the former are not necessary during times of war, which is prevalent in this rapidly deteriorating world.

24. "Peak oil" Propaganda - As preparatory conditioning for the calm acceptance of seeing large segments of the population wiped out by plagues, the "peak oil" people advocate population reduction - the elimination of *6 billion* people. They believe we are now in a Darwinian struggle of the "haves against the have-nots" and it is time for the former to stick it to the latter. Even nuclear annihilation is seen as a 'humane' alternative to mass starvation. Instantaneous nuclear elimination of population centers might even be considered merciful by these fascist bastards. The elite would like to see Africa wiped clean of its current human inhabitants, leaving behind a vast continent with abundant natural resources to be enjoyed by a remnant. Expect to see new diseases and numerous epidemics sweep across Africa, ridding the world of what the haves call the "criminal element". Ironic term chosen by those who commit the most horrid crimes of all.

The peak oil ASPO newsletter explains that the criminal element must be eliminated by population reduction: "Another problem is likely to be the residual opposition to population reduction from sentimentalists and/or religious extremists unable to understand that the days of plenty, when criminals and the weak could be cherished at public expense, are over. Acts of violent protest, as carried out today by animal rights activists and anti-abortionists, would, in the Darwinian world, attract capital punishment. According to elite mentality, population reduction must be single-minded in order to succeed."

25. Eugenics and Public Vaccination Programs - One of the most effective ways of delivering biowarfare agents is through a public vaccination program. The administrators of the vaccination program are rarely aware that a 'special K' has been added to the vaccine. The public victims of the program, which is now a form of medically-assisted suicide, may in fact die of e.g. Spanish flu, but it will be diagnosed as bird flu (the evidence of which has been planted by the vaccine), adding to the spreading panic, and thus driving more potential victims to seek vaccination.

26. In 2002 the Department of Health and Human Services purchased 286 million doses of flu vaccine from British supplier, Acambis. The Department drafted a law known as the "Model Emergency Health Powers Act". The Act can demand that any individual be vaccinated. Failure to comply will be considered a felony!

Reconstructed versions of the flu could be inserted into vaccines along with a more benign strain of the inoculum in order to slow the progression of its more deadly component. Chemicals in the chemtrails reported nationwide over the preceding decade, may assist the viral envelope to fuse with lung cells, guaranteeing ease of penetration and infection. People will pass along the flu to others and then start dropping like flies. This will cause a panic demand for more flu shots, thus accelerating the cycle.

27. A positive identification mark (a computer chip about the size of a grain of rice) has already been developed and is ready to be inserted into every man, woman and child on this planet. This will eventually replace all credit and debit cards. We are slowly being prepared for this by the introduction of microchips in pets ("Infopet" biochip ) and babies ("so they can't be lost").

This would make every man, woman and child trackable by satellite. This Biochip is currently being used for Alzheimer's patients in Florida (a nice "humane" cover story) some welfare recipients and prisoners as "test subjects", but I call them what they truly are - *guinea pigs*. The Infopet biochip has already been implanted in many pets as well.

$1.5 million dollars was spent by a medical center on the east coast, which was part of a "United Nations" project with unlimited funding, to determine exactly where on the body this microchip was to be implanted. The microchip is recharged by a lithium battery. Lithium is sensitive to heat change. This is what causes the recharging to occur.

After this research, Scientists have found that the forehead and the back of the hand provide the greatest temperature differential between the surface of the skin and deep inside. As a result, the decision was made to implant this chip either on the back of the hand or on the forehead. The right hand was chosen because most people are right-handed. Food for thought is "Revelation 13" in The Bible, about the "mark of the beast".

The "lifetime" (never-needs-to-be-replaced) electrical battery integrated within this rice-grain-sized transponder operates on the principle of the thermocouple; that is, two dissimilar types of metal connected together in a "bank" will create a voltage to operate the chip, if there is a temperature differential between the hot and cold sides of the battery.

The "low-orbiting" earth satellites that I mentioned in section 4 are designed to track any person who has one of these biochips implanted in them. Those satellites are capable of accurately determining a person's location to within a few feet.

They are preparing us to accept this microchip and have already experimented with U.S. soldiers sent to the Gulf War. The chips were embedded in their buttocks (that way the geosynchronous satellites were able to track all of our soldiers in the Gulf region. The government not only knew at all times where our soldiers were, but also who they were).

28. Ever wonder why your good "friends" at Mobil are trying so hard to get you to use their new Speed Pass Key Tag when you pull up to your neighborhood gas pump? You know ... the "little black wand" that contains a device similar to the one being implanted in animals now. The pump **recognizes** you electronically. No more waiting for credit authorization and pump activation. No buttons to push. You never have to take your credit cards or cash out of your car. You don't even need to have your credit cards with you!

An article in a petroleum magazine said that the test program of the device offered a choice of three ways of implementing this technology: the key tag, a car tag which is placed on the rear window, or a wallet card. The pump responds automatically to the device when it is within five feet of the pump! The devices, developed for Mobil by Texas Instruments and the Wayne Division of Dresser Industries, operate on a low frequency radio signal from the pump, which causes a transponder to return the user's unique identification number.

First, you hold that 666 microchip **wand** in your hand. Then, after you get use to it, the microchip is eventually inserted in your forehead or the back of your hand, for even more "convenience"!

29. In 1974, a strange, new mark began appearing on the UPC bar code of most products. Virtually every product is now marked with the familiar UPC bar code. Interestingly enough, did you know that there are "three embedded numbers" on every UPC bar code? What are the three hidden numbers? Wouldn't you know - 666!

All of the marks, or bars are associated with numbers at the bottom, except the marks at the first, middle, and end. The marks for the number "4" are "||". And these marks are the same marks at the first, in the middle and at the end of every bar code! The number "666" is hidden in every UPC bar code!

Something else has mysteriously appeared. In the last few years, some UPC codes have appeared with additional boxes underneath the bar code. Beside the boxes are 2 letters — the letter F and the letter H! Could they stand for forehead or hand? Is anyone following me?

One party moving rapidly in bar-code identification is the Federal Government. Automatic I.D. News, April 1991, says, (p.46) "Everything that is being used in the military system has been or will be marked with a bar code ... EVEN DOWN TO INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS ... EVERYONE GETS A BAR CODE."

30. The National Security Agency (NSA) uses the AT&T Telephone Monitoring System. All telephone calls can now be monitored, including fax and email transmissions. If any of their "300 key words" (wouldn't it be amusing to see that list?) is used, a recording is automatically made for human review later. Thus, anything you say on the telephone, or type in a fax or in an e-mail message, could be "reviewed" by the federal government. Land of the "free"? Home of the "slave".

31. This Is One Of Their Worst, Dirtiest, Most Covered Up Secrets:

Since the *1950's*, the CIA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) FBI, KGB, and other World organizations have taken abused children and placed them into the most sophisticated mind control program possible MKULTRA whereby their personalities were split apart through carefully planned near-death torture, until literal slaves were created, with personalities that could be manipulated for drug-running, prostitution, espionage, assassinations and "political favors", to name just a few. Thousands of children reported as **missing** in this country, are in actuality, **kidnapped** by these ruthless and cowardly bastards and forced to submit to horrific brainwashing and reprogramming!!

* Hundreds of Thousands * of people in the US alone are "asleep" in society, waiting to be accessed by these wicked, filthy beings! They reside in all walks of life - doctors to lawyers, computer programmers, nurses, government employees, etc.

Special Note About Brian Nichols (murder suspect who killed 4 people in Atlanta)

How strange that Brian Nichols would refer to himself as being a "soldier", when speaking to his female hostage, Ashley Smith, who allegedly convinced him to turn himself in to authorities, when it was never revealed by the media that he had ever served in any branch of the military?! His extremely violent and cold-blooded actions of shooting to death the judge presiding over his rape case, as well as two others, along with killing a federal U.S. Customs agent - then in an abrupt change of *personality* - allowing his female hostage to leave her home where he had been holding her captive, so that she could visit with her 5-year-old daughter (!), is typical behavior of a "Sleeper Assassin", also known as a "Clear Eyes". A "Clear Eyes" is a "sleeper assassin" who is capable of being triggered, i.e. activated.

It is quite possible that both the judge presiding over his rape case (Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes), as well as a customs agent (U.S. Customs Agent David Wilhelm ) were the "targets", but unfortunately the court reporter got in his line of fire, so he was programmed to alleviate any possible threats to his being able to successfully carry out his "assignments". Wilhelm could have in fact been the *primary* target, as Nichols hopped a MARTA transit train to Atlanta's upscale Buckhead neighborhood, where he found David Wilhelm working alone at his home, which was under construction. (perfect opportunity).

It is also feasible that not only could Mr. Nichols be a Manchurian Candidate, but also that one of his handlers (who could have taken part in his brainwashing) could quite possibly be Ashley Smith, who seemed eerily quiet and composed as she was interviewed by the press and during her public statement to the media in general, as she proceeded to describe in minute detail, what many people perceived to be a very well scripted *story* (that is what it sounded like) of her being taken hostage and the steps that she took to ultimately secure her release.

Most of the public has heard of the mental condition known as Multiple Personalities or "Multiple Personality Disorder" (MPD). The cover-up is that nearly everyone who has this problem has been "programmed" by these fascist bastards, which has resulted in their having this terrible disorder as a side-effect to intense mind control.

You may ask, "How come this information doesn't get out?" The answer is simple - because these same people control almost ALL of the publishing companies, major newspapers, banks, television and radio stations in the country and throughout the world. Are you starting to grasp the bigger picture and beginning to understand the depth of this conspiracy now?

32. For many years, the elitists have owned and controlled the national news media, including the television networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSN, etc.), major magazines (Time, Life, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, etc.), the wire services (United Press, Associated Press, Reuters) as well as all of the major newspapers (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc.).

Furthermore, government news releases are carefully written by "spin doctors", to give the right "spin" to the news. As a result, we see, hear and read from these sources, only whatever the conspirators want us to.

Find out some of the organizations to which the major news anchormen belong and you will discover who the leaders of these organizations are and perhaps then you will begin to understand why these people do not talk about the aforementioned issues!

Like the brave man who ALMOST succeeded in getting the Federal Reserve System audited! OOPS! Flight 007 over the USSR, which he "just happened to be on", also happened to "look like" a fighter plane. Too bad it got shot down, but it was just an "unfortunate coincidence," of course!

33. The Illuminati elitists have been putting out propaganda to vilify guns and gun owners, citing "rising crime rates". In reality, crime rates are decreasing. Many studies have shown that guns in the hands of responsible citizens helps to reduce crime, not increase it. The cities with the most restrictive gun laws have the highest crime rates and vice versa.

34. There over 600 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States.

35. Conspirators have already set up the organizations, facilities and personnel needed for martial law. In 1989, President Bush established the "Multi Jurisdictional Task Forces" (MJTF). In 1990, he created the "Financial Crimes Enforcement Network" (FinCEN), both of which will soon be engaged in "house-to-house search and seizure" operations on the American public.

Motto On The Cover Page Of The MJTF Guidelines And Authorizing Legislation - "THE MJTF IS THE VELVET GLOVE ON THE IRON FIST"

The MJTF Police Force Is Made Up Of:

1. MILITARY - Converts National Guard Units not banned by the president into a National Police Force.
2. Converts all surviving local and state police to national police.
3. Converts street gangs into law enforcement units for house-to-house searches [LA, Chicago, New York in the process of doing this now]

The MJTF is comprised of National Guard, ATF, FBI, local and state police and the United Nations National Police Force. The MTJF is comprised of not only military and law enforcement personnel but also by **street gang punks**! These thugs include murderers and rapists who were recruited from the ghettos. They are being paid a handsome salary while going through para-military training in special government boot camps. They will be used to conduct illegal searches of cars, trucks and the passengers of same looking for guns and other weapons.

They will also conduct illegal house to house search operations during which they will seize guns, food stores, radios and politically incorrect reading materials such as patriotic literature and religious material such as Bibles. During these "raids", family members will be categorized and separated. Then they will be placed in an "Emergency Custodial Facility". They will be sent later to different internment camps for "interrogation" even though they are citizens of America. Essentially, they will be held as **prisoners** at detention camps.


1. House to house search and seizure of property and firearms.
2. Separation and categorization of men, women and children as prisoners in large numbers.
3. Transfer to and the operation of detention camps in the U.S. (43+ Camps)

36. FinCEN troops are foreign military and secret police brought into the U.S. for deployment against American citizens (under authority of executive order, Interpol, and the United Nations). The highest level of authority are *United Nations* battle groups. They have been entering the United States Territory through Canada by Presidential executive orders signed on November 11, 1990. They have been performing joint military exercises with U.S. troops on military bases across the nation and on Forest Service land in Montana and Idaho. They will be utilized to control citizens of the United States during the implementation of FEMA and the confiscation of firearms.

FinCEN'S Mission Consists Of:

1. House to house search and seizure of property and arms.
2. Separation and categorization of men, women and children as prisoners in large numbers.
3. Transfer to detention facilities of aforementioned prisoners.

FinCEN'S Confirmed Pre-Deployment Locations:

southern and eastern-central California, western-central Montana
northern Texas, western-central Wisconsin
northern-east Illinois, southern-east Michigan
central Indiana, southern-west Ohio
northern New York, southern Delaware
southern Maryland, northern-east Virginia
northern-east North Carolina, central/southern Florida


37. The top tier of the martial law forces in the United States is the United Nations combat troops. A large amount of "Russian military equipment" is already pre-positioned in the United States and there are unknown numbers of foreign troops here for training or permanent stationing. We have also seen the existence of at least eight "Military Operations in Urban Training" (MOUT) units, now in operation at U.S. military bases, conducting training for "house-to-house search and seizures."

38. FEMA is NOT a "Federal Emergency Management Agency". FEMA is the secret government. It is funded through monetary expenditures designated through the Department of Defense, as well as normal budgeting, which is taking place every year without government. FEMA has approximately 3,600 employees - and yet only about *59 to 63 FEMA employees are assigned to actual 'emergency management' scenarios, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or man-made catastrophes, such as nuclear attack. If only 60 of them are doing this - what do the other 3,540 employees do?

Their mission is to "manage the system" after they have taken it over. They utilize black budget or "black bag" funding. Black bag funding is covert operation funds authorized that cannot be challenged by public agencies or entities (including drug dealing). They have been doing this for 25 years. FEMA was created by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who worked for Jimmy Carter. However, after Ronald Reagan came into power, Zbigniew stayed on to complete operations and deployment of FEMA inside the United States.

39. Income Taxes

As the 1040 Form instructions explain - Income Tax is based on *voluntary* compliance. You have the *option* of paying or not paying income tax and Social Security tax, as you choose. A great deal of research has been done on this subject and the conclusion is that the entire system is and has always been a complete fraud!

* The US Constitution does NOT permit Congress to lay any form of direct tax on individual citizens.
* The Sixteenth Amendment did NOT amend the taxing power granted by the original Constitution and it created no new taxing power.
* The Sixteenth Amendment was never properly ratified, so it was never valid.
* Earnings from employment are not "income," but rather, a God-given right, which cannot be taxed.
* Participation in the Social Security System is optional.
* No one is "required" to have a Social Security number.
* Income Tax payments go directly to the Federal Reserve System, a *private banking cartel* - NOT the government.
* The Internal Revenue Service acts as the *collection agency for the private banking cartel* - NOT the government.
* More than 10,000,000 people have become aware of this fraud and have stopped filing tax returns and paying income taxes.

Some may feel that it is their "patriotic duty" to pay income taxes, which is exactly what those elitist bastards *want* you to believe! The truth is that paying taxes depletes your resources and encourages governmental waste and illegality. Over 74% of federal government expenditures are made on items not permitted by the Constitution.

40. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of Fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient "light lobotomy"]

Fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in both Prozac (Fluoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl Fluoride).

The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit childrens teeth. If this were the real reason, there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective. The *real* purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and loss of liberty!

The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany`s Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride`s supposed effect on childrens teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission.

41. Since 9-11, all US airports have been under military control. There is a subrosa project, known as Project Cloverleaf, that uses domestic air carriers retrofitted with special tanks, to spray civilian populations with a variety of chemicals.

42. An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) Chip In Every Living Creature - *BY LAW*

On April 25, 2005, the USDA released "Draft Program Standards" ("St.") and a "Draft Strategic Plan" ("Plan") concerning the NAIS [National Animal Identification System.]. By January 1, 2008, the NAIS will be mandatory. (Plan, pp. 2, 10, 17.)

Every person who owns even one horse, cow, pig, chicken, sheep, pigeon, or virtually any livestock animal, will be forced to register their home (including owner's name, address, and telephone number) and keyed to Global Positioning System coordinates for satellite monitoring, in a giant federal database under a 7-digit "premises ID number." (St., pp. 3-4, 10-12; Plan, p. 5.)

The USDA threatens to make you a "criminal", if you have a few chickens in your yard for subsistence farming. All livestock must be microchipped, tracked via GPS, and you must register for it, or be subject to huge fines and/or having your animals destroyed by the government.

43. The secret military elite gain 44 years of new advanced technology for every 12 months that pass here on Earth. The "shadow" or secret government is about 400 years ahead of the general population with their technology.

44. Around 1987 a project called "Moonscan" started. It lasted into 1989 and involved positioning mind control equipment on the moon for use on the population of earth. It, like others, has clear connections to negative alien activity. Project Moonscan was managed by Airborne Instrument Laboratory, who have three branches - covert, commercial, and defense.

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