Puerto Rico is a place where extremely strange things have been happening since the 1900's.

Here are some interesting FACTS about the island of Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico has been in a "Commonwealth" [a self-governing, autonomous political unit 'voluntarily' (?) associated with the United States] status with the United States since 1898. The correct term for the political status of the island is a "Colony" [a region politically controlled by a distant country; a dependency] - perhaps the oldest colony in the world - from 1493 to 1898 with Spain and from 1898 to the present with the United States.

The original intentions that the United States had with the island were what they called "Project 2020". Amazingly, there is very little documentation about this, but it is a plan that they have had for the island since the early 1900's! It consisted of converting the island into a large military installation.

For that, they needed to transfer the Puerto Rican population to other areas, like Hawaii (a massive migration took place during those years). Then, to other islands like St. Thomas and St. Croix. The population has also been relocated to Alaska, New York, and Cuba. They would flatten most of the mountains to build this immense military base and build hotels and recreation places designated for military personnel only.

Here are some pertinent facts about Puerto Rico:

13% of the land on the 35 x 100 mile island is occupied by U.S. military bases.

U.S. nuclear arms are used and stored in Puerto Rico, in violation of the Treaty of Tlatelolco, which prohibits nuclear weapons in Latin America.

The island's unemployment rate is a staggering 45%!

40% of Puerto Rican women of child-bearing age are sterilized, as a result of U.S. "depopulation" programs. This was a project funded by David Rockefeller.

Half of the Puerto Rican nation has been forced to migrate to the United States, due to unemployment and the colonial government's policies - an exodus among the most massive recorded in history. When they arrive in the United States, the migrants are subjected to poverty and racism.

The U.S. Congress retains power to legislate for Puerto Rico *without* the consent of its people. Puerto Ricans on the island are not permitted to vote for the President or their congressional representatives.

In 1917, the Jones Act forced citizenship on the Puerto Rican people, along with the draft and World War I. Puerto Ricans have been forced to serve in all subsequent U.S. wars, yet they are not allowed to vote?!

The most important U.S. Navy Base in the Atlantic is on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. This is where NATO "rehearses" the different invasions that they plan to be involved in - many YEARS in advance. For example, they had been rehearsing the invasion of Kuwait since the early 1980's. People in Puerto Rico are now united to get the Navy out of the island after one civilian was killed, but NATO forces insist that Vieques is "unique" for their "exercises"?

The name Vieques, comes from the Taino word "Bieque" (small island). The little we know about the pre-Columbian inhabitants is derived from archaeological findings. The most important to date is the one at La Hueca where artifacts made in amethyst, agate, turquoise and jadeite were found. The most remarkable were shaped like South American condors. The Indians inhabiting the Island when Columbus arrived in 1493 were Tainos. Two brother Caciques in Vieques, Cacimar and Yaureibo, lead separate revolts against the Spaniards. They were soon defeated and killed. What was left of the Indian population was reduced to slavery and taken to Puerto Rico.

Once the Indians were expelled from the Island, a succession of attempted colonizations by the English, French and Danish failed. The Puerto Rico Spaniards drove them out every time. In some old English maps Vieques is named Crab Island. In between the attempted colonizations, the Island was used by pirates to re-supply their ships. There was abundant shellfish, fish, birds, and timber. The Spaniards finally decided to colonize Vieques during the first half of the 19th century. In 1843 the municipality was established and construction of the Fort was begun. The first governor was Don Teofilo Jaime Maria LeGuillou, a Frenchman. At the time Vieques was independent from Puerto Rico. During the second half of the 19th century, Vieques saw a great economic boom driven by the sugar industry. Black slaves were brought in from nearby British islands. Several Centrales (mills) were in operation.

Their names were eventually adopted for the barrios: Playa Grande, Santa Maria, Puerto Real, Esperanza. By the time the USA took over the island in 1898, after the Hispanic American War, there were four big Centrales. Sugar milling made a few families rich while most of the population worked on the fields. The workers were very impoverished and worked under very harsh conditions. After the general strike of 1915, working conditions improved greatly.

When the Navy arrived in 1941, there were 10,362 inhabitants in Vieques and 8,000 tons of sugar were produced that year. The Navy expropriated two-thirds of the total land, including most of the land used for farming. La Central Playa Grande did the last milling in 1942. During the first couple of years after the Navy arrived, there were plenty of jobs in Vieques in the construction of the bases. People came from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to work in Vieques. When construction was over the workers left. When the dust had settled, 3,000 of the 9,000 inhabitants of Vieques had been relocated to St. Croix. The rest were settled in the areas of Santa Maria and Monte Santo in Vieques. There was no sugar and no base construction left to do.

The government of Puerto Rico tried, between 1945 and the 1960's, to re-establish an agricultural economy in what was left of the civilian section of Vieques, but failed. Between 1960 and 1970 the economy shifted from agriculture to manufacture, being the General Electric plant the most consistent source of employment. The plant was established in 1969 and is still in operation.

The population in Vieques has not changed much through the decades and still remains close to 10,000. Unemployment runs high. College bound kids seldom come back to live in Vieques but you can usually find them visiting the Island around summer. At the present time there is some development of the tourism industry. There are more small hotels and restaurants in Vieques than ever before. There is even a mega resort under construction. Many residents make a living out of renting their properties to tourists. This new industry has brought along a new influx of residents from the continental USA. Development of any kind will be limited as long as the Navy keeps control of two thirds of the total Island. Some people like it this way so that the natural beauty of some beaches in the military side is preserved. Other people protest the bombing of the beaches beyond tourist's reach, the consequences to the ecology and the health of the population, the destruction of archaeological sites, and restricted access to the beautiful resources on the bases.

The Navy Seals are involved with dimensional portal activity in all parts of the world and there has been a great deal of speculation about the Macrihanish Chinook that went down from a Navy wave beam - and then of course there are many theories about the dimensional portals involving the SEALs in Puerto Rico.

There is a major SEAL base at the supposedly "closed" Roosevelt Road Naval Base in Puerto Rico, which has underground levels *beneath* El Yunque mountain. This base is operated by the U.S. government and grey aliens and has a tunnel which connects the underground to the ocean. Submarines are actually brought in through this tunnel to the underground facility beneath El Yunque. There are definite signs of dimensional portals in the rain forest on the surface there.

There have been other odd goings on there, including an incident where a grey was retrieved from the forest by Navy SEALs, while numerous plainclothes agents patrolled up and down the road with monitoring equipment. The road was lined with vehicles bearing Virginia license plates.

Puerto Rico has also been the primary location for a tremendous number of sightings of the "Chupacabra" creature, which fits the general description of a "predatory reptilian animal" named in the HAARP document displayed below.


N.U.S.C./N.U.M.A. J.C.S.
1455 Overlook Ave.
Washington, D.C. 33902

Office of The Director of Security

11 April 1998

To All Security Operatives, Sector EC/NE/48+I

It has been confirmed as of this date, that a failure of the H.A.A.R.P. 15-3 Proteus Unit at Ascension Island U.K. had lost it's targeting control during it's first operational trial. The accelerator was damaged at shutdown, and will not be operational until 12 June at the earliest.

This failure went undetected for approximately 17 minutes, and appears to have caused another series of dimensional rifts along the East coast of the U.S. and Southwest Africa. These dimensional rifts are x-dimensional and have a time frame of -100 million B.C. plus or minus about 20 million years.

As was the case in 1995, several predatory reptilian animals have entered our y-dimension and are as this is written, freely roaming in the Southern New York region, Northern Pennsylvania, West Virginia and a possible sighting occurred this morning at 2:34 hours at Norfolk N.A.S. 150 meters off the beach.

All operatives are officially at level 4 alert, and are to be ready to go on 60 minute notice. (DOOTP) article 15-1 through 17-4 with all addendums are to apply.

Weapons are to be available at all times, .40 and .50 caliber minimum, with FMJ and EHP rounds only, minimum handgun to be carried .357 MAG/EHP.


Director of Field Operations,
Adm. Raymond D. Falvey III

CC: DCM/NOS/USAF/DOD/SS/QCD=Adjutant Generals Office, Pent. R-6-106/9c
All Pathway Field Officers/Terminators(orders are terminate NOSAVE)


It has been reported that the military have Tesla Coils, invented by Nikola Tesla, and that they have tested them on civilians, which are found "calcinated" (To heat a substance - in this case - a human being - to a high temperature, but below the melting or fusing point - causing loss of moisture and the decomposition of carbonates and other compounds).

"El Yunque" is the only Rain Forest in the U.S. Forest System. There is a "secret" military base in this forest and access to the area is forbidden. Many people consider this base to be the "Area 51" of the Caribbean. I have talked to people who have tried to get near the base and armed military personnel have threatened them, warning them that they are allowed to shoot anyone who intends to get near this base. This is an area of major UFO activity and many people have seen reptilian aliens in the surroundings of the forest. In fact, the famous "Chupacabra" sightings were first seen there.

Puerto Rico is one of the key areas for the HAARP Project. HAARP stands for "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project", a joint effort of the Air Force and the Navy at an isolated base near Gakona, Alaska. It uses 360 72-foot-long antennas spread out over 4 acres.

HAARP zaps the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an "ionospheric heater". (The ionosphere is the electrically charged area surrounding the Earth's upper atmosphere, located approximately 40 to 600 miles above the Earth's surface).

The largest Radio Telescope in the world (Arecibo Observatory) is on the island. This is the center for "Ionospheric" studies (another HAARP project).

Weather modification is possible by altering upper wind patterns, by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric "particles", which will act as a lens or focusing device. Molecular modifications of the atmosphere can take place so that positive environmental effects can be achieved. Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example - ozone, nitrogen, etc. concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased.

For more information, visit the Arecibo Observatory web site .. Arecibo Observatory

All this and much more is happening on this little island, that the whole world has had different interests in for some time. Even Nazi Germany was going to invade Puerto Rico during the Second World War! Do some research about the island of Puerto Rico and you will find a place where the "New World Order" already has its presence deeply rooted, yet very little is known about what is really going on there.

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