John Lear - Test Pilot of over 160 types of aircraft and son of William Lear, inventor of the 8-track stereo and founder of Lear Jet Corp; William English - former Captain of the Green Berets and son of an Arizona state Legislator; William Cooper - former member of the Naval Intelligence Briefing Team for the Pacific Fleet; Maurice Doreal - founder of the Brotherhood of the White Temple of Sedalia, Colorado; Thomas C. - former 'ULTRA-7' security officer at the top secret military base outside Dulce, New Mexico; Al Bielek - former member of 'Project Rainbow', aka the 'Philadelphia Experiment'; Jack T. Chick - cult expositor; John Gilli - French UFOlogist and conspiracy researcher; Peter Bostrom - investigator and writer; Jason Bishop - paranormal investigator into cattle mutilations, secret societies and UFO's; Clifford Stone - Army Officer stationed at Roswell Base, New Mexico; Commander X - Member of the "Committee of 12".

Dr. John Coleman - former member of British Intelligence; Antony Sutton - Financial analyst and expositor; Whitley Strieber - paranormal researcher and author; Michael Lindemann - Conspiracy researcher and UFOlogist; Val Valerian - UFOlogist and editor; Mel Noel - aka Guy Kirkwood, former Air Force reconnaissance pilot; John Keel - UFOlogist and writer on the paranormal; Raymond A. Bernard - former editor and writer on the Paranormal; Vladimir Trziski -Bulgarian Physicist; Bill Hamilton - Computer Programmer and paranormal researcher; Timothy Green Beckley - UFOlogist and editor; Robert E. Dickhoff - Paranormal writer; Yves Naud - Swiss historian and Paranormal researcher; Robert Lazar - Physicist and former Los Alamos and Nevada Test Site worker; Paul Bennewitz - founder of 'Thunder' Scientific Labs of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Rebold - an early expositor on Masonry and the Jesuit Order; Michael Riconosciuto - former member of the Wackenhut Corp., stationed at the Nevada Test Site.

Sharula - or 'Bonnie', member of a hidden colony beneath Mt. Shasta; 'YF' - a security worker at Nellis AFB, Nevada; Nicholas Roerich - paranormal researcher and world traveler; Eduard 'Billy' Meier - Swiss UFOlogists and 'contactee'; Forest Crawford - MUFON investigator; Brad Steiger - paranormal researcher and writer; Jim Brandon - author on the Paranormal; Graham Birdsall - British UFOlogist; and MANY OTHER sources too numerous to mention.

The volumes of information which have been collected by the sources given above could fill several libraries. For the sake of consolidation and the need to bring the overall scenario into 'focus', we have listed only the names of these sources [many of whose names will also appear in brackets throughout the text adjacent to information which may be attributed to them] rather than list the tens of thousands of other documented files, personal accounts, testimonies, articles, books, tapes, notes, reports, etc., from which they themselves have consolidated their own research.

Since the beginning of life on planet earth, the human race has shared the planet with another intelligent race - non-human - yet of more or less hominoid configuration.

Most scientists agree that if apes, with their opposable thumbs, had a brain capacity equal to or surpassing that of man's, they would be stiff competition for the human race (a scenario which was revealed in the PLANET OF THE APES series). In like manner, if the dolphins, with their high intelligence, possessed limbs with opposable thumbs, they would probably rule the world.

Could there be a non-human race which has both of these characteristics, an opposable thumb as well as high intelligence? There was in ancient times a branch of the saurian race, which through adaptation, natural selection and lateral mutation (not necessarily ascending evolution) developed rather hominoidal characteristics. This branch, known as the Stenonychosaurus, stood approximately 4 1/2 feet tall, walked on two legs, possessed large eyes with overlapping visual fields, a large domed head with a relative brain capacity almost TWICE that of human beings, three clawed fingers and a partially OPPOSABLE thumb, as well as a small tail (compared with other saurian branches) [Steiger].

There are ancient legends of a highly intelligent and cunning reptilian race which existed simultaneously with ancient earth cultures, a race which eventually came into conflict with our human ancestors, not only in antediluvian times, but following the deluge as well, a conflict which arose between the human and so-called 'serpent' race over which of the two would dominate the surface of the planet. For instance, near Glenrose, Texas it was found that a fossilized saurian print that was uncovered had WITHIN it a perfectly proportioned human footprint. How could this have happened unless the saurians and humans were at least for some period of time contemporary residents of the same time and place? According to the early legends and records, the enormous differences between the humans and the sauroid-reptilian race--such as those possibly descended from the Stenonychosaur--led to an imminent conflict.

In order to lay a foundation for what follows, we should state that the ancient Hindu VEDAS of India record that three or four thousand years ago, groups of elite scientific initiates had stumbled across the secret of the atom, the complexities of which were remarkably described in the Vedas; and that the result of this was the manipulation of atomic power. With incredible detail, these ancient writings from India speak of missiles which were developed and which on impact burned the entire landscape for many miles in every direction, as the smoke of the blast rose like unfolding 'parasols' high into the air. Incidentally, mummies discovered in India have revealed a remarkable degree of radioactive contamination.

Also, in the Hindu writings, directions are given for building flying aircraft called 'viminas' which are powered by a mercury engine. Records also speak of ancient East-Indian collaboration with the YAVANES, or Greeks, on the development of aerial craft. They also state that the initiates of the closed scientific societies of the Greeks were very guarded of their secrets. The Apostle Paul, during his visit to Athens, recorded that the Greeks there spent their time in nothing else but to tell or hear some new thing. In other words the Greeks were a very intellectual race. In fact scientists were stunned to discover a strange device off the coast of Greece, thousands of years old, which proved to be the rusted remains of a 'computer' like device with gear mechanisms which could calculate the positions of the sun, stars and planets [Naud].

All manner of inventions that most would consider products only of the 'modern' world are included in these ancient Indian writings.

When the human and serpent races first came into conflict, the center of human power according to suppressed histories was on a large island in the middle of an inland sea where the Gobi desert of Asia now lies. There were allegedly two hi-tech human groups who were allied with each other, a Nordic-like race of blond, blue-eyed humans and their allies, a human branch who had attained a large physical stature, known as the Nephilim. Some of the latter grew to be 10-12 feet tall, and were descended from the 'Anakim' giants described in the Old Testament.

Since the serpent race (like a virus) was highly mutational, only those which possessed characteristics useful to the reptilian collective were allowed to carry on the line. The cunning saurian hominoids even arrived at a point where through adaptation, mutation, genetic manipulation and hypnosis, etc., some of their kind were, according to the legend, able to infiltrate the ranks of the human society.

The serpent race, at that time based on the continent that is now Antarctica, which was in those ancient days a semi-tropical region, were challenging humankind's dominion of the earth. At about this time, the humans had developed a super-weapon which they intended to use against the Antarctic empire, one which they had not tested. They aimed the weapon at the headquarters of their nemesis and discovered that the device was far more powerful than they had estimated.

The Antarctic empire was almost obliterated, and in fact the blast sent the planet wobbling on its axis. When the earth finally steadied itself, the poles had shifted to the point that Antarctica and the North Pole was turned to ice, freezing the giant Mammoths and other life-forms instantly. The remaining members of the serpent race were driven either off the planet or underground, as they were intelligent enough to understand how atomic and other energies could be used to excavate tunnels, or propel aerial craft through the depths of space. Remember, their intellectual capacity may have been twice that of human beings [Doreal].

In the ensuing millennia, the cunning and technology of the reptilian race increased by leaps and bounds, as they plotted from the expanding subterranean and extraterrestrial bases how to regain dominance over the human race once again [Thomas]. The humans themselves developed their own sciences, even in those prehistoric times, and not to be outdone by the serpent beings, they sent daring explorers into the depths of space, as inner and outer space were now up for grabs [Naud].

The major subterranean colony of the humans became known as 'Agharti' or 'Agharta', and was established below central Mongolia, whereas the reptilians themselves took possession of an extensive natural geothermal cavernous network below Hindustan. The Himalayas themselves were a standoff or conflict zone between the two groups, except for powerful but small groups of human 'collaborators' who sold-out to the reptilian sorcerers in exchange for promises of power and wealth, once the serpent race regained control over the surface.

Today millions of Indian Hindus accept the traditions of an underground world called PATALAS or BHOGA-VITA inhabited by reptilian hominoids known as the NAGAS. In like manner, the Mongolian Buddhists speak guardedly of the underground Empire of Agharta, inhabited by millions of humans [Roerich]. Other sources speak of a Tibetan monk who led several hundred warrior-monks into the caverns under the Himalayas, where they drove out the reptilian race, after it was discovered that the reptilians were causing all kinds of problems on the surface by influencing the minds of human beings through mind control and "black witchcraft", a dark art which they had perfected ever since they made an ancient alliance with demonic entities in the beginning or Edenic times [Dickhoff].

As for the 'collaborators', they were known among themselves as the Babylonian 'Mystery' society, and their succession of leaders--known as the 'Pontifex Maximus'--have allegedly existed in unbroken succession since the days of Nimrod, the sorcerer King of Babylon [Chick]. Both human and sauroid races rushed to take possession of the solar system - first the moon, then Mars, the outer planets, and after centuries, the planets orbiting the nearby stars as well. Luna and Mars became a battleground between the 'Greys' and the humans. And so it remains today [Leonard].

The term 'Greys' indicated the stone-Grey appearance of the saurians that were very likely descended from Stenonychosaurus. They also make up at least 60 percent of all of the occupants seen by tens of thousands of witnesses during 'UFO' encounters in these present times. The 'Greys' on the average possess four long clawed 'fingers', one of which is partially opposable like a thumb; usually three clawed toes; resilient partially scaly Grey, Greyish-green, Greyish-blue or Greyish-white skin; large slanted eyes with snake-like slit iris' within reddish, orange, or as in most cases opaque black backgrounds; and possess no external reproductive organs, being egg-layers. They excrete waste through their skin, like a reptile does by excreting its waste in the form of shedding skin, something which has been all to evident during some 'alien' encounters during which times the excremental stench of the Greys is all too evident [Hamilton].

The Greys are the 'worker bees' of the reptilian empire (which consists of AT LEAST half a dozen varieties, possibly more) because of their large brain capacity and manual dexterity. Their overlords however, the 'Reptons' (or Reptoids) run the show. These were and are bi-pedal 'lizards', which were and are (according to some UFO witnesses) more crocodilian in appearance than the smaller Greys. There is also an extremely malevolent black-skinned variety which seems to be a cross between the two mentioned previously and have been seen wearing black hooded capes [Lindemann]. Other varieties with more amphibian, semi-aquatic or frog-like appearances have also been reported.

Over the centuries, the reptilian empire spread outward, establishing itself on a 4th planet in the binary system of Zeta Reticuli, a desert-like planet with a rust colored atmosphere, which was often illuminated at 'night' from the twin binary star [Strieber]. Scientists admit that the Zeta Reticuli system could not have 'developed' its own life because of a significant lack of Carbon in that system, which is the building-block of physical life. The saurian empire then spread, according to other sources, out to Epsilon Bootes [Steiger], to Altair in the constellation Aquila [Bishop], and to Alpha Draconis (also known as TYPHON) which is today considered the headquarters of the reptilian empire [Thomas], except for its subterranean counterpart deep below the Far East.

The television documentaries and programs of today which make reference to 'small Grey aliens' who are abducting, implanting and 'programming' human beings, as well as mutilating cattle, are making reference to representatives of this 'draconian' empire. 'They' will permanently abduct or overtly attack human beings WHEN they can get away with it, but when they cannot, they will settle for covert psychological warfare. Many different sources today claim that the reptilian Greys are not only abducting humans and animals permanently, as they have done not only on Earth, but throughout the entire human 'Federation' (according to some 'contactees' who claim to have met emissaries of this Federation) [Crawford], but they abduct humans nocturnally and return them after removing all memory of the event through a complex form of 'technosis', or electronic hypnosis which manipulates the electro-bio-chemical memory system of the brain. During these 'abductions', they allegedly remove ova from females and semen from males in order to breed their own genetically altered para-human slaves, or in some cases, human 'cattle', since it is said that the reptilians subsist on the blood and enzymatic secretions taken from animals and humans [Valerian].

Let us backtrack a bit in history here, and state that the 'Blonds' and 'Nephilim' of the Gobi Society joined in the race to possess the nearby stars, once they had driven the reptilian race off the 'surface' of the planet. The 'Blonds' or 'Nordics' presumably explored the nearby SOL-type systems of Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani [Crawford], and finally the Lyra systems, where they established a major human colony [Meier]. Others allegedly left the Gobi civilization and colonized the Scandinavias, and therefore gave rise to the Scandinavian nationalities [Doreal].

Perhaps around the same time as the rise of the Gobi culture, a Greek-like race arrived on the western coast of North America and built an ancient city within the natural caverns which they had discovered in the heart of the Panamint Mountains adjacent to Death Valley, California. Over the centuries, according to Paiute Indian legends, the inland sea that once covered Death Valley dried up, and the mountain dwellers were no longer able to reach their city by way of their large rowing sea-vessels. It was then that they began to develop 'flying canoes', small silvery craft with wings, which traveled through the air with a loud buzzing sound. As the centuries past the Paiute sages say that these cigar-shaped vessels became larger, lost their wings, and traveled more silently.

In fact the ancient Egyptians, East Indians of Aryan descent, and the Mayas allegedly were influenced by this mysterious Panamint race who expanded their culture into vast natural caverns which they had since discovered still deeper below the Panamint range, where they built vast cities of marble beauty, illuminated by ingeniously constructed spheres which gave off perpetual illumination. These people, the Hav-musuvs, according to the Paiutes, wore white spun garments which were draped Greek-like over one shoulder, as well as pale sandals on their feet and head-bands to tie-back their long dark hair [Commander]. Their growing civilization expanded downwards and upwards, until the entire underground region between the Panamints and Mount Shasta in northern California became a stronghold of this ancient human astronautical-troglodytical culture, which had also established 'bases' beyond the Western U.S., both subterranean and interplanetary [Valerian]. Today there is said to be a huge 'star-base' below Death Valley which is tied in with the human 'Federation' which was established in Lyra, and later spread out from there, an exodus which is a story in itself.

As the legend goes: at the height of the Lyran culture, the humans who inhabited a planet in that system were suddenly and without warning attacked by a massive invasion of the saurian Greys, which were intent on destroying their competition and the major obstacle or force preventing the fulfillment of their absolute and unbounded desire for universal conquest. The surviving humans no doubt fought valiantly, however when it was evident that the victory would go to the reptilian Greys (and no doubt to their 'Repton' rulers), the humans escaped in a mass exodus led by a man who legends refer to as Pleiore. The refugees left the colonized planet in Lyra to their enemies and some of them fled to the star Vega, while others made their way to the relatively nearby open star clusters of the Hyades and Pleiades, and elsewhere. Although Lyra was almost 40 light-years from Earth, the Pleiades were almost 10 times that distance. Yet this proved to be a barrier which would eventually be overcome by the resourceful and spirited humans, who were by that time well on their way to discovering the secret of light-speed and ultra light-speed travel.

The Pleiades were eventually reached, and one of the planets there which later became known as 'Erra' in the system 'Taygeta', was terra-formed, with the existing technology, to support life. The Pleiades are an open 'star cluster' of which the SOL system is actually a part, in that SOL rotates around the central axis of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are one of a few hundred similar open clusters in the 'Milky Way' galaxy and contains in itself over 200 relatively new stars, many of which have reportedly been colonized to date [Meier]. At this point in time the Pleiades are said to be the home of a massive 'Nordic' Federation with ties to similar human cultures in Tau Ceti; a world known as Koldas; Epsilon Eridani; Vega in the Lyra Constellation; Ummo in the Iummo star system - better known to us as Wolf 424; presumably the Hyades; and others [Crawford].

Apparently the reptilians (which were originally forced to develop complex technologies or occult-technologies in order to survive once they were driven from the surface of planet earth - a planet which is known throughout the universe as the 'jewelled planet' or the 'divine tear'), did not realize that by driving the humans from their home in Lyra they had in the same way forced them to rely on technological advancement more than ever in order to survive. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The 'Nordic' or Scandinavian-like humans in the Pleiades, Iummo and in fact the whole growing 'Federation', have since reportedly developed their science to the point of utilizing faster-than-light or hyperspace travel, based on what we know as Einsteinian equations. They accomplish this by manipulating TACHYONS, a faster-than-light particle which is now ACKNOWLEDGED to exist by today's quantum physicists [Sharula].

Many believe that a STAR TREK type of scenario exists in this relatively small pocket of the galaxy in which we live (incidentally, William Shatner, long before being 'Christened' Captain of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, claimed that his life had once been saved by beings from a silvery disk when he was lost in the Mojave Desert. He admits that the experience shaped his destiny). The only difference between the 'alleged' reality and the popular television-movie series would be that the 'Federation' does not exist 3000-4000 years in our future, nor does it have its headquarters on planet earth -- it exists NOW, about 3000-4000 years after the REAL space-race began, AFTER ancient cultures developed off-planet travel on earth, and the center of the human 'Federation' had moved from this planet to Lyra, and eventually to the Pleiades themselves, a culture which is now allegedly part of a human Federation numbering well over 150 billion souls! Also, those who claim to have been contacted by the 'Pleiadeans' have been told that 'their' technology is approximately 3000 YEARS advanced over that which exists on the surface of the earth at this writing [Meier].

A few thousand years might not 'seem' long enough for such a culture to develop, but just remember that we on earth's surface went from the horse-and-buggy to interplanetary travel in LESS THAN 75 years (or from the horse-and-buggy to teleportational 'hyper' space travel, if you are one who believes in the reality of the Navy's top secret 'Philadelphia Experiment'). If this is the case, and being that the American 'Republic' is at this writing a little over 200 years old, then how many civilizations might have risen and fallen in the space of 3-4 THOUSAND years?

Which brings us to events in this (20th) century.

When residents of Siberia reported a cylindrical UFO falling from the sky just moments before a devastating nuclear-type explosion hit the 'Tunguska' region of Russia near the beginning of the century, some of the onlookers might have realized that this would be no ordinary century, and that there was more to reality than the popular history books seemed to acknowledge. A few decades afterwards, the U.S. Government began to realize that they were NOT the most powerful nation in the Universe. The sightings of strange aerial craft and alien hardware which they had managed to bring down from the sky (via electromagnetic beams from powerful radar sets which seemed to interfere with the electromagnetic propulsion systems of the 'craft', or by explosive devices fired from the most advanced jets - at a great cost to their own pilots in many cases), substantiated this fear [Stone]. Within more than one recovered 'Grey' craft that they had brought down, such as the one at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, parts of human bodies were reportedly discovered [Cooper]. The 'Horrible Truth' was rearing its ugly head.

The government was aware of the top secret Nazi-UFO projects, but even these could not account for the sightings of grotesque alien beings or for the fact that such sightings and encounters dated back for centuries. It was rumored however that the Nazis had throughout the 2nd World War established an 'underground base-city' below the Queen Maude region of Antarctica, called the 'New Berlin', and that a good percentage of the leading scientists in the world (being that Germany had an excess of them before the war compared with the rest of the world) who had worked on the Nazi flying 'discs' or airfoils were secreted to this underground installation before the fall of Germany. This excepting for the German scientists who fled to America as the Nazi regime was coming to power [Trziski].

German secret societies, such as the 'Order of the Illuminati' in Bavaria, played a powerful role in this scenario. The German-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in 1776. Others say that his Jesuit Superiors (the Jesuit lodge being an order founded by the gnostic Ignatius Loyola, which was originally intended to smash all Protestant resistance to the so-called 'holy' Roman Empire rule, as well as all followers of the German reformist Martin Luther, as was evidenced by the horrendous 'Inquisitions' during which tens of thousands of Protestants were massacred) ordered Weishaupt to restructure an already existing 'Illuminati' which could be traced back through the Babylonian 'Mystery' Society in Rome, in Egypt, and eventually Babylon itself [Chick]. This allegation has been made because of the fact that the Scottish Rite of Masonry (which works hand in hand with the Illuminati today) can be traced back to Jesuits at Lyons, France and the Jesuit College of Clermont in Paris [Rebold].

In fact it was the Illuminati, according to various sources, who had confiscated much of the worlds technology--and recruited or killed their inventors--technology which had surfaced since the Illuminati came to power by its infiltration of the Masonic Lodges (which formerly served merely as a philanthropical fraternity designed to protect the stone-mason trade). It is alleged that the Nazis, and the numerous Jesuits who were known to be members of Hitler's S.S. elite [Chick], in essence 'field tested' this technology through the Nazi war machine. Even the genetic sciences which were practiced in the concentration camps were reportedly carried-on in secret at a 10-times greater degree in the 2-million-plus underground Nazi Base in Antarctica AFTER the end of World War II.

It is said that Admiral Richard E. Byrd led an armada of 4000 elite naval forces under the cover of a 'scientific' expedition to the Antarctic shortly after the end of World War II. Fighter aircraft, aircraft carriers, destroyers and the works accompanied this 'expedition'. Mysteriously, on arrival the armada split into 3 sections and made a reconnaissance of the entire frozen continent. Rumors from the 'inside' state that a conflict broke out between the Nazi forces piloting revolutionary disk-craft, and the American fighter pilots. Four of the American aircraft were reportedly lost with all hands, even though the Americans apparently inflicted casualties as well. Ground troops were hit with what seemed to be a sonic weapon, producing devastating psychological effects. The 'expedition' ended only three weeks after it had begun, and upon his return to the states, Byrd's diaries were confiscated and sealed, although it is said that in a rage he strongly 'suggested' to his supervisors that Antarctica be turned into a thermonuclear testing range [Trziski].

The Illuminati-Nazi connection is important. There is much evidence that the Illuminati, which recruited members from Yale's SKULL & BONES and Harvard's SCROLL & KEY societies, financed the Nazi's [Sutton]. Members of the JASON Society also were recruited from the two college fraternities [Cooper]. In fact the Illuminati, aka the 'Club of Rome', aka the 'Bilderbergers' (who in turn run the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations. Federal Reserve, Aspen Institute, et al), is made up of 13 representative from each of the following groups, or 39 in all:

1. VATICAN - Jesuits, the Black International, the Knights of Malta, etc.

2. BLACK NOBILITY - 13 to 15 old-line European families claiming to be descendants of the early Roman Emperors, or the 'Pontifex Maximus' of the ancient past.

3. MASONS - Rothschild-controlled secret societies, both masonic and wiccan lodges of the world [Coleman].

All three groups make up the ILLUMINATI (Babylonian Mystery Society). They are the COLLABORATORS, who have allegedly had ancient ties with the serpent race, and therefore are known among themselves as the 'Cult of the Snake' or 'Cult of the Dragon'.

They have their subterranean counterpart below the East Coast of the U.S. in an antediluvian 'Atlantean' facility known as NOD, now re-established by the Illuminati and having strong ties with the highest levels of the NSA-CIA, and even an extraterrestrial 'Illuminati' (MIB - 'Men In Black', or 'Nation of the Third Eye', based on a planet orbiting the star Sirius). The collaborators are centered around a CIA group called AQUARIUS. This branch of the Illuminati made (or renewed) a 'pact' with the Saurian Greys in 1933, about the time when the ALFs or 'Alien Life Forms' began moving their center of power from South and Central America to the American Southwest. The agreement in essence included that in exchange for reptilian occult-technology, AQUARIUS and 'company' would keep the existence of the 'aliens' from the public (this included the suppression of historical accounts referring to the serpent race or Greys and reptilians); and that AQUARIUS/MJ-12 would allow for the mutilation of cattle and the abduction of humans for 'study', so long as they were returned safely [Lear].

Actually AQUARIUS and MJ-12 are not entirely the same. There are apparently more than 12 members of MJ-12, since 12 signifies that all decisions must have a majority vote of 12 or more. Active Illuminists belong to the group, but not all members are necessarily active Illuminists. Former 'president' George Bush, a Skull & Bones ILLUMINIST, is or was a recent DIRECTOR of MJ-12.

It is also alleged that much of this alien technology which was received since the 1933 treaty was 'field-tested' by the Nazi-Illuminati scientists, and this may explain why CIA director Allen Dulles allowed high-ranking Nazis into his fold (after all, both the CIA and NAZI party were Illuminati pawns), and even into a top secret network of underground bases where the Illuminati were jointly working with the 'Greys' on biogenetics, space technology, computer and mind sciences, etc. [Valerian]. The Illuminati did not realize however that the scientists in the bases were slowly coming under the 'spell' of the Greys who were methodically implanting the secret government workers, security officers and scientists in order to more easily bring them under psychological control. Before the situation went completely out of control, the secret government closely monitored the 'joint' base workers for signs of implantation [Commander].

It was slowly becoming evident that the Greys were actually operating as double-agents between the Illuminati and the 'Reptons', the reptilian group to which the Greys owed their ultimate allegiance, being that the entire reptilian empire operated as a 'collective brain' via telepathic implants with instructions being given by an intelligence known only as 'THE KEEPER' [Bennewitz]. The Reptons themselves remotely resemble the RAPTORS in the movie JURASSIC PARK, yet they through millennia of mutation, selection, adaption and survival of the fittest as well as more than a little genetic manipulation, are now of a somewhat more 'hominoid' configuration--some more than others--than were their ancient progenitors. The Reptons would not settle for a 'shared' or 'joint' control of the situation, in their encounters with the human secret government. The saurians wanted it all! Like the dragons of ancient legend they were motivated by unbounded appetite, which is why the Christian dragon-slayers of Europe according to these same legends could not tolerate their continued existence.

It was bound to happen, the Illuminati played with fire and they got burned. In abusing and robbing the naive masses of their hard-earned wealth, the Illuminati opened themselves up to abuse by the Reptilians themselves ("Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." - it's a cosmic law which cannot be broken. Also, "A servant is not greater than his master". If the Illuminati has wrought evil upon the enslaven masses, then they should not expect their reptilian overlords to do any less to them. If the Illuminati chooses to regard a race as superior which God intended man to conquer instead, then they are placing themselves below that infernal race by denying the Creator who would otherwise have given them the power necessary to gain dominion over them. For from a theological perspective the serpent race is a self-corrupted creation--an unnatural work of choas totally opposed to the ordered universal view of Christendom--in a similar way that cancer is the manifestation of a corrupted cell, one which must be destroyed so that the rest might live).

As in ancient times, it soon became apparent--even to many within the Illuminati itself--that the human and serpent races could never 'share' this planet, nor the underground bases, on a permanent and harmonious basis. The mind-set of the two cultures, and their values and agendas were worlds apart, and the two races were bound to clash once again as they had done throughout the ages [Doreal]. For instance, many in government began to realize that the Greys did not give a damn about the human race, except for when humans could serve their own imperialistic or scientific purposes. They had no sense whatsoever of moral values, but operated on a form of 'logic' which served only their own purpose, one which discarded compassion or conscience by concluding that if extreme psychological deception against humans could serve their own cause, then it was the 'logical' course to take. In addition to this, neither side was willing to lose their advantage in the precarious balance of power that existed in the 'joint' underground facilities. It was imminent that the two agendas would clash with each other in a dramatic way.

Dulce, New Mexico; Dreamland, Nevada; the Luna Base - a top secret 'joint' installation on the back side of the moon. These were the 'tri-lateral' bases which became the main joint-operation facilities between the Illuminati's JASON Group (AQUARIUS AND MJ-12) and the Sauroid or Saurian Greys. A triad network of facilities patterned after the alien trilateral insignia itself, which was allegedly borrowed by the Illuminati. It is not clear just where the 'altercation' began, but all three 'bases' were engulfed in the conflagration, according to 'inside' sources.

For some time tensions in the joint bases grew. At the Nevada Test Site - Dreamland facility, security guards were incensed at the dictate on the part of the aliens that certain parts of the so-called joint facilities, sections mostly under the control of the saurian Greys, etc., could not be entered by human security personnel with loaded weapons. These were extremely deep areas of the 'joint' facilities and the underground empire of the Greys, presumably constructed over the centuries as their underground empire spread from Asia, to South America and finally to the subsurface of the American Southwest. They invaded the western subnet of the U.S., presumably killing or driving out any human settlers who may have established themselves in the ancient underground systems there. It was the desire of the 'aliens' to take possession of any entry-way to either the subterran or exterran realms, and thus divide and conquer the human cultures in all three realms.

The Greys led the 'joint base' workers in Nevada, for instance, to believe that the lower levels of the facilities were of recent construction, contained relatively few Greys, that these Greys came only from extraterrestrial sources or crashed disks, that the bases were of limited depth and extent, and that they were incapable of reproducing their race on earth. However, other sources who were more 'deeply' involved insisted that although there were extraterrestrial strongholds maintained by the Greys, they also had their subterranean counterparts that have been here for centuries if not millennia, that some of the deeper sections of the 'bases' were quite ancient, that the lowest levels of the bases connected to other deeper and more remote underground chambers both artificial and natural which were of extreme depths and extent, and that there were tens of thousands of Greys at the very least within this subterranean realm which were reproducing profusely via polyembryony [Bishop].

Inside sources within the government have warned that the 'extraterrestrial' Greys and reptilian hominoids have absolutely undermined the entire United States, if not the world, without our realizing it. Another possibility which they might consider is that the 'aliens' have been there for centuries, fortifying and reproducing themselves in preparation for whatever agenda they have planned for the future. This might explain why many of those within the Nevada Test Site underground facilities have stated that if one goes past a certain level of 'security' and finds out too much, they are either dead or missing [Riconosciuto].

An early oceanographer by the name of William Beebee, incidentally, once warned in an article in ATLANTIC MONTHLY of the imminent invasion of the surface of the earth by an 'underground race'. Strangely enough, some time afterward the oceanographer was missing from his diving bell, in the Bermuda Triangle area, when the bell was brought to the surface of the ocean. His body was never found [Palmer].

The 'subnet' below the Western U.S., incidentally, consists of an entire labyrinth of large and small interconnecting natural geothermal and hydrothermal cavern systems, many connected by artificial tunnels constructed by earlier civilizations, spanning the American Southwest and especially the 'Great American Desert' of Nevada, Utah and surroundings states, where there is little outflow of water to the oceans. The water can only evaporate or go underground, creating hydrothermal connections to deeper geothermal cavern systems.

There is also a joint facility near Edwards AFB and surrounding the Lancaster area of California, maintained mostly by the Military-Industrial establishment arm of the Illuminati. These have been known to descend at least 30 levels. As for Dulce [Thomas] and the Nevada test site [Lazar], there are seven sub-levels AT THE VERY LEAST, and there is evidence that they descend far deeper into the earth than that.

At the Nevada Test site, where the underground nuclear blasts 'may' have revealed the existence of the underground systems (and more-or-less forced one of the major 'treaties' with the subterranean-dwelling Greys, a treaty which the Greys by their very deceptive nature apparently never intended to keep, using it merely as an attempt to buy time and gain a foothold of control over the humans, very similar to what the U.S. Government did with the American Indians), the 'altercation' came about when one of the security officers challenged the dictates of the Greys and entered an alien-controlled zone with a loaded weapon. He was instantly shot in the head and killed, supposedly with a laser-like device, as were several security men who apparently reacted to the attack. The altercation grew [Lazar].

In the top-secret base below Dulce, New Mexico (reportedly connected via a 'shuttle' tunnel to the Nevada Test Site's underground 'Dreamland' base--tunnels excavated by both alien TERRON-DRIVE technology and a nuclear powered thermol 'bore' machine developed by Rand-Los Alamos, one which liquifies the rock and presses it to the sides where it cools into an extremely hard glaze, eliminating all waste material), a similar conflict broke out.

Apparently the Dulce facility was an ancient artifact in itself, an old 'entrance' to the lower world constructed by either an antediluvian or post-deluvian culture. The reptilians control much of the lower extremity of the base, yet there are ancient tunnels which were apparently constructed by an unknown race, tunnels which the saurians-reptilians will not enter. Perhaps it is because they are lined with a phosphorous pentoxide substance which temporarily illuminates the tunnels [Thomas].

Within the crust of the earth (which averages a dozen or so miles in thickness), according to many ancient legends as well as more modern accounts, there are allegedly vast caves containing air, water, and in some of the more extensive areas phosphorescent atmospheric illumination produced by underground electromagnetic currents, which allow for the existence of flora and fauna and other life forms. Below the crust itself, past the 'barrier' known as the Mohorovisic Discontinuity or 'Moho', in the lower mantle itself, there are allegedly vast caverns where neither air, water, nor any other life-sustaining substance exists, and therefore they are void of 'physical' life. These infernal zones give rise to traditions such as the Greek land of Hades and Tartarus. However the outer caverns to a depth of several miles, or in some cases several dozen miles such as below the mountain ranges where the Moho lies at a much greater depth, there often exist conditions sufficient to support life, whether flora or fauna, or human or 'saurian'! Some would argue that the Greys are NOT 'alive' in the sense that we know it, stating that they produce an 'anti-life' energy field around their bodies which is harmful to ALL life-forms [Valerian].

There are ancient Scandinavian legends of a 'Hadding Land' beneath the earth, inhabited by giant humans, bizarre animals, nordic-like humans and 'snake' people who battle each other for possession of the underground territories. There is evidence that such legends are not entirely fantasy. As they say, where there is smoke there's often fire!

The U.S. government apparently discovered the ancient facility below Dulce, and came in contact with the subterranean counterpart of the Greys. One report states that a huge 'nest' of nearly 18,000 Greys lies deep below the Archuleta plateau northwest of Dulce; others say that the ancient subterranean system is as large as Manhattan and opens to the surface at nearly 100 sites, most of the entrances being well hidden. The joint base that resulted in the encounter allowed for 'joint' operations in the midsection, while the upper levels were mostly U.S. or 'secret' government controlled and excavated and the lowest levels, intersecting vast cavernous regions, remained under the control of the reptilian-Grey empire. Neither side desired to declare an all-out warfare on the other, as the reptilians were safe as long as the majority of the humans above were oblivious to their existence (which is why they made it a term of the 'treaty').

On the other hand the U.S. and 'Secret' Governments were afraid to declare war not only because of the technical superiority of the Greys but because of possible public reaction to the announcement. The Orson Well's 'WAR OF THE WORLDS' radio scenario seemed to indicate that the masses were not mature enough to accept the truth without reacting in panic and anarchy. And without the support of the masses, the human governments did not dare to initiate an all-out counter-offensive. If one could literally be between a "rock and a hard place", those in the government who were "in the know" were definitely in that place!

The Dulce facility has been the epicenter of all manner of UFO-related phenomena, including Men In Black and strange dark 'Cadillacs' [Bennewitz], sightings of so-called reptilian 'Mothmen' [Thomas], along with the fact that the epicenter of Cattle Mutilations during the late 1970's and early 1980's was located only 13 miles from the northwest New Mexico town of Dulce [Bishop]. Several people also claim to have been taken to deep levels of the base during UFO 'abductions', some the these abductions being initiated when witnesses unexpectedly came upon Greys in the process of mutilating cattle [Bennewitz].

But conflict was bound to happen, and it came about when some of the 'joint' Dulce base human scientists took a wrong turn inside the 7th sub-level of the base (the deepest one into which the humans were allowed, and this only with the highest security clearance possible without actually becoming a member of the 'alien' society--or dead, whichever came first). They inadvertently entered an unknown area of this very real 'Dungeons and Dragons' underworld labyrinth and found themselves within vast chambers where they were at last faced with the 'Horrible Truth'. Row upon row of humans and human mixture remains could be seen. It was discovered that THOUSANDS of human victims and their remains were being held in cold storage, including the remains of children!

The scientists had no sooner reported their find to those above, then they themselves were captured by the reptilian guards. They have never been seen since. When MJ-12 received the news, they were filled with panic, mixed with rage in that the Greys had broken the treaty, having permanently abducted their victims, not to mention the Dulce scientists, who included Americans as well as representatives of a tall, blond human 'alien' culture who were also interested in preventing an all-out war with the serpent race through 'joint' cooperation and attempts at 'shuttle' diplomacy. These 'Blonds' may have had ties with the 'city' below Mt. Shasta, called TELOS ["Telos" being a Greek word meaning "uttermost" or "purpose"], a culture--allegedly tied-in with the 'silver fleet' of the 'Agharti' kingdom below Asia--with which all U.S. Presidents have allegedly had secret diplomatic relations ever since the presidency of Grover Cleveland, all except for Taft, that is [Thomas]. MJ-12 immediately sent in CIA-trained Delta Forces and Blue Berets. As in the Nevada Test Site - Dreamland - S4 incident, the so-called "Dulce Wars" also began in 1979, suggesting a definite chronological connection between the two tragic incidents [Lear].

A similar 'altercation' reportedly broke out in the LUNA base, jointly maintained by American and Russian scientists loosely tied together through the Illuminati and secret society. Apparently the fraternal bond was not to last. On the other side, within the joint LUNA facility, were representatives of several groups of 'sinister' aliens including various reptilian groups [Commander]. This conflict however reportedly broke out between the Americans and Russians, and took place in the same time frame - 1979 [Cooper]. Could it be that the Reptilians drove a psychological wedge between the American and Russians in order to weaken the human element at the LUNA base yet not implicate themselves in doing so? It is evident that the non-human aliens did little or nothing to prevent the altercation between the two human groups.

Remember that the Luna-Dulce-Dreamland facilities allegedly operated together as one interconnected collective. In short, the Russians were thrown out of the entire 'joint operation' scenario. This included several Russian scientists who were 'deeply' involved in the scenario at the Nevada Test Site, the joint-interaction and research on recovered alien hardware [Lazar]. As for the outcome of the "Dulce" Wars, of the Delta Forces and Blue Berets who were sent in to retrieve the captive scientists (which would be a difficult operation in itself in that the security grows stronger the deeper one went)... 66 of the special forces were killed and 44 escaped. As a result of this, the 'government' broke off all contact with the Greys for a period of two years. However after that, contact was re-established, as it was initially established at the Holloman landing.

This initial contact was planned decades earlier at Holloman Air Force Base - following attempted communications with two 'asteroids' which entered into geosynchronous orbit around the earth about mid-century. They were found to be hollow vessels constructed from asteroids, and Eisenhower himself was allegedly present at this contact. A 'benevolent' human-alien group managed to contact U.S. government representatives at Homestead AFB in Florida, and these warned that all attempts to communicate with the 'Greys' in the orbiting asteroids should be avoided, as they were malevolent and deceptive. These humans insisted that they would help us technologically and spiritually once we set out on a course of nuclear disarmament and showed them that we were interested in universal peace and brotherhood among all nations. Eisenhower reportedly rejected their overtures of nuclear disarmament as a prerequisite for acceptance into the 'Federation'. At the request of his good friend Nelson Rockefeller, who helped him get the presidency, he went ahead and established contact with the Greys [Cooper].

If Eisenhower and the Rockefellers knew what was to come, they might have accepted the advice of the Federation. The 'Government' did not wish to have the situation out of control, however many on the 'inside' state that the situation with the Greys as of this writing IS out of control!

There are even rumors that our soldiers came in conflict with Greys in Southeast Asia, during the Vietnam war, in a scenario not far removed from that given in the movie PREDATOR, which resulted in casualties on both sides - but mostly ours (about half a dozen aliens were killed, compared with a few hundred U.S. servicemen, according to one 'rumor'). The facts of these encounters were allegedly suppressed by MJ-12 to the point that only rumors remain, and intensive brainwashing, drug-induced hypnosis and memory dissolution techniques were allegedly performed on the surviving soldiers so that the incidents would be suppressed [Bostrom].

One of the major reasons for the situation being "out of control" is that as a result of the conflict (which reportedly spread throughout the entire 'joint' base network of California, Nevada and the 'Four Corners' states), most of the joint bases were taken over by the reptilian Greys. As for the Nevada Test Site, it is reportedly more-or-less a stand-off zone between the U.S. Government/Nordic-Blond groups who control much of the subnet between Mt. Shasta and the Panamints, AND the reptilian groups which hold much of the underground territory between Deep Springs, California and Dulce, New Mexico [YF].

According to sources in the Nevada Test Site (as of the commencement of the 1990's), the reptilians control most of the underground 'Dreamland' base there, whereas the human alliance controls most of the upper ground. This is only at the Test Site, at the time of this writing, since much of the underground and off-planet areas elsewhere are under the control of both sides.

There are for instance underground 'Nordic' facilities as far south as Prescott, Arizona; and reptilian strongholds as far north as Washington state, where there is allegedly an underground base at least 3 stories deep below Madigan Military hospital. For the more hard core believer in alien infiltration of the surface of our planet, there are rumors that Madigan hospital has been infiltrated by reptilians posing as human beings. Whether the stories are true or false Madigan itself is a peculiar place, with lots of STAR WARS type medical technology which can be seen in no other hospital in America -- on the surface that is. The infiltrators or 'Chameleons' have reportedly been seen posing as human beings on the surface at Dulce, at Deep Springs, as well as other sites.

There are even allegations that the Reptilians are using androids to infiltrate human society, an allegation which dates back to the 'Men In Black' reports of the 1950's [Keel].

One can add to the whole scenario accounts of involvement of 'giant' humans on the side of the human or 'Federated' alliance. These are apparently the same group as those described in the Gobi legend, and have close contact with the "tall, blond" humans based from 1-5 miles below Mt. Shasta. They are said to have their extraterrestrial headquarters at Betelgeuse in Orion's Belt, as well as underground facilities below the red planet in this system.

It is said by some that earth is soon to be the 'battleground' between the EL's (human giants, Nephli or Nephilim) and their human allies; and the DRACS (7-8 ft. tall reptilians) and their smaller saurian servants [Bishop].

The situation at the Nevada Test Site itself is made more complicated by "collaborators" who still maintain contact with the Greys in spite of the discovery of the horrible truth of the "Grand Deception". They are fascists and communists, many of them homosexuals, who continue to sell-out to the saurian Greys in exchange for promises of a cure for AIDS [YF] (ironic, in that some sources claim that AIDS is a man-made virus resulting from a splicing of sheep visnu and bovine leukemia viruses, with a little help from the Club of Rome who maintain a Dulce-like 'joint' base, complete with implanted workers and interaction with Greys, below a plateau near Alice Springs, Pine Gap, Australia. This Illuminati base is working towards a 'New World Order' maintained by a joint Illuminati-Grey power group and contains whole levels of computers by which they intend to electronically control every human being on earth. The Club of Rome, along with certain Communist elements, allegedly created the AIDS virus at the AMERICAN bio-genetic facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland, home to the National Security Agency (NSA). They believe that their proposed joint 'New World Order' can only be brought to pass with a DRAMATIC DECREASE in population. The fewer people there are, the easier it will be to control them. This is what the entire "GLOBAL 2000" Report was all about) [Gilli].

The U.S. Government-Nordic alliance at the Nevada Test Site is reportedly at a major stand-off with the Greys based at Deep Springs, Dreamland, and elsewhere. Some believe in a policy of collaborative resistance, that is to try to feed the 'beast' with one hand while the other hand is fumbling behind their back in an attempt to grab for the knife by which they can kill the 'beast'. That is to say, the government is working with the "I told you so" Nordic groups, whom they earlier rejected, in an attempt to develop the technology necessary to defeat their reptilian adversaries, yet at the same time the "secret government" apparently does not want to rule out diplomacy "just in case".

It is like the ancient legend of the King of Libya, whose kingdom was being terrorized by the murderous DRAC, a giant venom-spitting dragon which destroyed all who dared to tread outside the walls of the fortified city. The most courageous Libyan knights with the finest forged swords and lances could not slay the venom-spitting beast. In order to appease the beast, they sacrificed their sheep. When there were no more sheep, they sacrificed the human subjects of the kingdom by drawing lots. When the lot finally fell on the King's daughter, the ruler of the depleted kingdom in agony allowed the soldiers to take his daughter out to the sacrificial post. Dressed all in white by her maids, like a bride meeting her groom, she was taken to the sacrificial altar, there to die like all the others whose bloodied bones littered the scorched and poisoned ground.

Then a knight in glistening armor came from the east, just before the rising of the sun, the reflection of which created an aura of light around him. He was a Roman knight who happened to be a Christian, and bore the symbol of his faith, a red cross on a white field. The knight, the legendary Saint George, bent down and spoke to the Princess, who warned him to escape before he too was killed by the dragon. He laughed triumphantly, to the astonishment of the villagers who looked on from the tops of the walls. He did not believe in appeasement but immediately galloped his steed toward the dragons lair. The dragon in a rage, hearing the hoof beats, emerged and lifted its head to fire its deadly venom at the intruder, but before it had a chance the knight was upon the beast, had pierced its side, and the venom spilled harmlessly from its jaws to the ground. He won the hand of the princess by the way, for his heroic deed, and the kingdom became converted to his faith.

The point which should be made here however is that there are those who favor a policy of fearless retribution rather than appeasement. Appeasement never seems to work, it merely gives one's adversary a greater appetite, and encourages them to be more brazen and arrogant. This was the hard lesson that the allies learned after the British ambassador Neville Chamberlain in an attempt to appease Adolph Hitler, turned over to him Czechoslovakia. This pathetic act merely increased Hitler's contempt for the Allies and encouraged him in his demonic drive for world domination.

Like St. George, perhaps we must also consider that technology itself might not be enough to defeat man's ancient nemesis. Perhaps we, not ruling out the need for military action, should look to the example of King David. He mixed military force against the serpent cults of his day with his deep and abiding faith in his Divine Creator, and in Jehovah's ability to supernaturally empower him and give him victory. Should we not take the same attitude towards creatures who are far more dangerous and malevolent than any physical adversary the Israelite King might have encountered?

Among those battling the reptilian Greys in the Nevada Military Complex--which is where everything seems to "come together"--there is a group of human-aliens called the 'Benevolent Ones'. At least 30 of these 'Benevolent Ones' are reportedly based at the Test Site, and they work closely with the U.S. Military officials there. They support a philosophy similar to that found in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, two Divinely-inspired documents [YF].

Also involved in the scenario are two opposing intelligence groups who are engaged in an "intelligence war" similar to an earlier intelligence war between the CIA and FBI over who would have possession of 'recovered' alien hardware and artifacts: The CIA 'AQUARIUS' group which opts for a policy of continual appeasement and collaboration; and 'COM-12' (or the 'Committee of 12'), a group working out of Naval Intelligence who have now come out in opposition to any human interaction with the reptilian Greys whatsoever. They have more of a patriotic "give 'em hell!" attitude towards the reptilian predators, and are not afraid of a good fight. In fact, it is reported that COM-12 is intentionally leaking to the public information damaging to the AQUARIUS-Grey combine, and is deeply interested in preserving Constitutional Government [Beckley]. Such a crisis has not existed since the American Revolution! But this crisis is far more significant and far-reaching than the American Revolution could ever have been.

UPDATE: SEPT. 1993 "COM-12" is presently pushing for the development of weapons such as "EXCALIBUR" [Lear], which is intended to destroy alien strongholds below the U.S.; Possible future ground invasions of the subnet may also be planned in the areas where human or para-human captives and hubrids may be held (the HU-BRIDS are attempted 'hybrids' between humans and alien-saurian Greys - or according to some between humans and cattle or other animals). Since most sources indicate that actual HYBRIDS are impossible, being that the reptilians possess no soul-matrix and are far different physically from humans--the offspring are possibly bred from human sperm and ova with reptilian 'Grey' genetic coding added or spliced--in some cases the fetus being implanted in the womb of a female human 'abductee', only to be stolen from the womb chamber at a later abduction. The fetus' inevitably fall to one 'side' or the other, possessing a human soul-matrix and therefore human, or not at all and therefore reptilian [Hamilton]. Type of blood, position of reproductive organs, types of eyes, and number of fingers can usually distinguish the difference between the 'hu-brids' and the 're-brids' (or human-hybrids and reptilian-hybrids).

Also, COM-12 is pushing to maintain the planetary S.D.I. "Star Wars" defense net around the earth which is actually, under the direction of Edward Teller [Lear] and others, being used to defend planet earth from incoming or returning [Thomas] alien forces, such as the alien forces that former president Reagan warned about during one of his addresses before the U.N., or for instance the large alien armada now allegedly making its way towards earth from Sirius (according to 'inside' sources within the astronomical community), whose intentions are not presently known [Valerian].

The Dogon tribe of Africa believes that Sirius is the home of "Amphibious" humanoids, while other sources claim that it is the major extraterrestrial headquarters of a society of human-like sorcerers and/or androids known as the 'Men In Black' [Keel].

Actual battles between UFO craft and the SDI defense system have been FILMED by Space Shuttle cameras and spurred a secret Congressional Investigation (see: Fox Networks' SIGHTINGS series), and Russian Mars probes have recorded images of huge craft near the Martian Moon Phobos, as well as signs of intelligent life on the red planet itself (aside from the so-called 'Sphinx' and 'pyramids' which were photographed by the American Mars probes). There is also, involved in the over-all scenario, a demoniacal 'Mantis' like, possibly other-dimensional, alien group which is working closely with the Reptons and Greys.

Incidentally, at least 22 scientists tied-in with "British Marconi" and other scientific establishments, who assisted with the SDI program, have reportedly died mysteriously and prematurely under bizarre circumstances (mostly extravagant 'suicides'). General George Douglas MaCarthur may have summed it up when he predicted that the next "World War" would be INTERPLANETARY in nature! ("And there was War in Heaven"--Revelation chapter 12) ...

As for the situation at the Nellis AFB Test Site and the "stand-off" between the Americans-Nordics, Reptilian Greys, and the Communist Collaborators - there have been no indications that the situation has changed as of this writing.

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